Top 9 Super Foods for Strong Bones

Some Tips for Strong Bones
Top 9 Super Foods for Strong Bones
Calcium: Children daily 9 to 18 must be 1300 milligrams (mg) of calcium in age. A portion of low-fat or fat-free milk (1 cup), without about 300 mg. Other foods that contain calcium are calcium fortified orange juice (500 mg) or low-fat yogurt (up to 450 mg), cheese, fortified cereals, broccoli, and almond fat.

Vitamin D: In addition to calcium, young people need 600 international units (IU) of vitamin D daily. The body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium.

Check the Labels: Reading the nutritional table in a container (also called a food label) can show how healthy or unhealthy food.

Addition of Calcium: Nutritional values do not show how many milligrams of calcium in a food are. Instead, they show the amount of calcium in a food as a percentage of the daily value (written in% GDA or DV%). To calculate milligrams in a food label, look at% day value of calcium, then add 0 at the end of this output. For example, the girls need 130% DV for calcium per day. 130% of the daily value is the same amount as 1300 milligrams of calcium. 

Note: This calculation works only for calcium, not for other nutrients in the food label.

Calculator:  Best Bones Forever! Website provides a calcium calculator girl to help her understand daily calcium intake and increase it.