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Ballet Do you know that ballet can learn fitness?
What is Ballet Fitness?

Ballet, fitness of many experts advanced awareness of other forms of movement can learn from the action on the practice of abdominal muscles. This series of exercises selected in the "Pilates" (Pilates) selected action. "Pilaz" is a way for ballet dancers to improve the quality of the energy. It focuses on the practice of physical and mental unity. Practitioners of the action in the main note

Ballet Do you know that ballet can learn fitness?

Here are six exercises:

1. "Hammock" - Carpet in a large bath towel, lies on the back.
Two hands catching the towel two horns on the back of the head. Knees, flat feet. Inhale, abdomen, head, neck, up the lift from the shoulder from the ground. Hold your breath, while the pedals legs, right heel slowly to the ground. Air, the position of the knee. On the other side of the legs. Be careful when breathing, every breath when abdominal force forced.

2. "Rotation of birds." - Lying on the back, hands knee the body behind the head, the belly. Breathing, while the head and shoulders lift, neck nature. Inhales the elongated legs, from top to bottom on scissors. The left leg and the ground was 75 degrees, the right leg and the ground was 45 degrees. Hold in this position, the breathing when the legs in the air draw a semicircle and down to. Inhaling, recovering the legs, are repeated, and the exchange of left and right legs.

3. Are the flexures and extension - backs. Supino stretched arms body of the knee on the side of the body, in a word "ten".
Abdomen, shoulder does not touch the ground. Inhale the knee to the chest Shoulong. Exhale, with legs stretched forward, while the head and shoulders lift, the right to extend the direction of the branches Inhale hands, knees, breathing, forced to the abdomen. For the other side, on each side 10 times.

4. Dancers the trick - the attitude for the right hand is ready to sit the right leg bent on the floor. Knee to knee bone left. left side. Action start, legs stretched, the feet before and after a breath of support, ground force in the belly hips, belly raised the left arm. Turn left, with your left arm on the ground. Looking upwards. Such as very hip exhale, inhale when the body down. Restore posture prepared, and the other side to repeat.

5. The fingertips Lateral flexion - Tilt palm toe feet touch the ground. The contraction of the buttocks, abdomen, back muscle strength (halfway scapula), chest from the ground, the fingers still touch the ground for the balance. Inhaling, the right arm after the extension of the right thigh. The head and upper body at the same time, turn right. Exhale initial position. Repeat on the other side.

6. Working navigation - sat straight legs extended to the abdomen, the feet spread shoulder width. Hands holding a towel roll in front of the body, palm down. Necklace, contraction of buttocks. Breathing, the body slowly down, while the lumbar muscle relaxes again until it can control the maximum angle. Stay for 1 second when the towel roll in the chest. Then breathe a towel to reduce the inhalation of the head. And repeat. These exercises should be done 3-5 times a week. The first two actions will be warming effect after the three most difficult moves. As required by the effect of each group of 10 times (5 times on each side). If you start to feel hard, 4-6. In the mirror dance studio to practice more suitable.

To practice the beautiful belly, in addition to a variety of abdominal exercises, but also require long-term aerobic exercise and a reasonable diet. The combination of the three will give the best results.


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