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Weight Lose With The Lemonade
How to lose weight with the lemonade

I think we are no stranger lemonade, usually a month to lose weight being, many of my friends in life are very fond of love, then for the lemonade, lose weight think a lot of friends have just no effect on weight loss Do not understand lemonade and sweet and sour taste makes people feel very fond of it.

First of all, make our own lemonade. Lemonade to your own as well, cool cups, the ratio is about 1000 ml of water plus 5 fresh lemons. You can get parts, can be chilled in summer, drink at room temperature in winter.

1. The first day, morning drink lemonade and eat less breakfast. Remember, not to eat breakfast is not enough, because the breakfast on the day of the state has a significant influence, can add a good breakfast enough food. Eat lunch, dinner, do not eat this day drinking lemonade every two days.

2. The next day, then you should feel the body's much easier bowel movements, the less smooth than before. It will always add breakfast to add at any time lemonade, but the next day every day for half an hour to train you can perform, you can swim, you can dance. In the process, water is added in accordance with the ratio of its own modulating lemonade.

3. On the third day, still drink lemonade all food intake time should be gradually monitored we must be careful not to eat seafood, fish, these foods are relatively high in cholesterol, eat main light, do not eat cold spicy food. Continue adding lemonade and exercise for half an hour. Xiao Bian exercise usually done in the gym so aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise will do something.

4. On the fourth day, I think lemonade now clean your dessert, still drink lemonade, but the year increase, the time was extended by an hour. Remember to pay at all times thirst, if you drink a little thirsty, so practice sweat toxins to take the garbage out of the body.

5. On the fifth day is the same as the fourth day, but the appetite under control. Lemonade or a natural supplement, with exercise, so much sweat do not wash immediately after exercise, because the body discharges a large amount of residual gas and toxins when this time a bath, the toxins in the series. Should wash half an hour is the right approach.

Top Understanding of the Process Lemonade Life weight loss, such as lemonade friends want to drink, use a little lemon to lose weight, but also to the intestinal detoxification also has a very good effect.


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