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Seasonal skin care tips
Seasonal attention to the care of sensitive skin

After the season has entered the temperature difference in the last days, the air especially dry. In this climate, people who are sensitive to skin care in particular.

Difficult subjects are difficult to cure completely. But if you can use some appropriate methods or make the greatest possible degree of prevention. Pay attention to the management of the daily living environment, try to avoid the lead to insensitive substances, touch, sensitive skin to improve great help.

The following are the same as the Improving the air sensitive domestic environment NO!

Temperature and high humidity are the best environments to induce sensitive bacterial mites. Ambient temperature of 22 degrees, 50% humidity is the best room climate. To change the dry and damp environment inside, hanging clothes in the bedroom, is the most convenient way.

The moisture cream delicate skin NO!

If the skin is too dry can cause itchy, sensitive skin should try to minimize irritation of the skin and provide adequate moisture to the skin. It is advisable to apply a moisturizer before bathing with hot water before the skin evaporates.

Sensitive tampering

If the skin is very sensitive to small raise, and then, even more, attention to the choice of bedding. CFU special bed linen sensitive care can reduce static electricity, water filtration and look good if you have a comfortable and comfortable sleeping environment.


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