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After exercise fitness do not forget skin care
Do not forget about the skin care after the exercise

People who exercise regularly because the metabolism of the body faster to sweat a lot, sweat resulting in acidic substances that damage the surface of the skin, such as the premature aging of the skin. Therefore, sports people love some special nursing skills to master, making the skin soft and supple.

Since the movement will be a lot of sweating, the regular consumption of more water, if not timely replenishment, the body will not be enough water to meet the needs of the skin cells. Athletes drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, after training, the best drink is no coffee or fruit juice boiled water, which is conducive to smooth skin breathing. After each exercise on clean face, cream melt skin, then the corner of the eye, mouth wrinkle cream a rich little fat and insist that the long-term adherence, prevent premature skin aging.

In addition, each week to perform a complete repair of the skin, then the cream of good nutrition. After the exercise, the bath can also wash the deposited dirt on the skin, promote the blood circulation, but also regulate the function of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands, making the skin smoother. Regular exercise, but also the use of a sunscreen all year round, because the sunlight will accelerate the aging of the skin, so often to avoid sports outdoors, but also sun protection, avoid excessive exposure to the skin and the sun.

In addition, after the strenuous exercise, some alkaline foods will be added, since after training sugar body fat, protein is a large number of decomposition produced in the decomposition process lactic acid, phosphoric acid and other substances, these acidic substances, the body tissues, and organs People feel the muscles and pain. Experts suspect that after training should eat more basic foods, such as fruits, vegetables, soy products, etc. to ensure that the needs of the organization as soon as possible.

Facilitate the movement of the skin to bring fatigue.

Fitness cannot go to the gym, in fact, as long as you can be a feeling of fitness at any time, in any part of everyday life, such as watering, book, belly, stairs, wipes the floor.


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