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Maintaining your good skin
4 Tips for maintaining your good skin
Basic skin care: While maintaining water and oil balance (edible oil), you can maintain healthy skin. The moisture content of the skin every year as well as changes in the natural environment and the popularity of air to reduce the environment of the skin further so that you must pay attention to the morning and night moisturizing.

Unpack the skin: Old skin of the old cornea removed, will certainly help the skin with a thick layer of the layer, can reduce skin pressure and promote the absorption of products for skin care. However, the treatment of excessive skin prevents the regeneration of the horny skin layer, so that the regeneration of the skin of the arrhythmias and oil secretion, resulting in a deterioration of the skin condition.

Soothes the skin: Many at first glance can not tell texture, but in hand, will know to be able to understand. Skin. Lotion or lotion is often used, but also to improve the palm of the hand penetration, the use of perfume of the cream massage and soothing skin fatigue.

Provide nourishing skin: The vitamin B group plays an important role in protein synthesis, but also responsible for cell repair and growth, the removal of dead skin cells contributes to the health of the nervous system known as the "stress." Each day can be added twice, each dose 100 In addition, the feast of more food rich in vitamin B to eat, such as bananas, eggs, fruits, mushrooms, potatoes and so on.

Vitamin C also plays an important role in the skin, in particular, a powerful antioxidant, can protect cells from an external UV damage and other harmful substances and neutralize free radicals in the skin, and achieve the melanin restore skin wrinkles and relaxation effect.


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